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2FA and Unique Password

Today Lifelock notified me that my identity information can be found on the dark web. The vendor in question suffered a data breach a few months ago. I was already aware of it and had already taken precautions. Fortunately: The…

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Alternative to 2FA

2FA = 2 Factor Authentication Two Factor Authentication is commonly used (and recommended) to insure that no one but you can log in.  I use it not only for my websites and my clients' websites.  I have it turned on…

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Top Attacker Countries

This information comes from the Wordfence blog. The top five attackers this month are in: Australia Germany USA Ukrain Finland This list is a little different from what we normally see. The attacks were: Scanning for vulnerabilities Downloading or uploading…

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Old Malware Never Dies

Hackers are repurposing older Magento malware to use on WordPress/WooCommerce websites. Here is an excellent article about one such instance of this: Note that WebsiteOverwatch subscribers are protected from these sorts of attacks.

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