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We employ best-in-class tools to monitor your website for signs of malware, infection, hacking, and vulnerabilities.

A web application firewall is installed and configured so that all your website’s traffic runs through it. Traffic from known bad actors, known attack vectors, and Denial-of-Service attempts are filtered out. The firewall and your website traffic aere also checked daily for suspicious activity by a real live human expert. Suspicious IP addresses are locked out.

Your website is scanned weekly by two independent scanners, looking for malware and vulnerabilities. One of these scanners looks for signs of hacking. All website files are scanned daily. The other scanner examines your website for vulnerabilities that a future hacker might use to gain access. Both of these scanning tools are well known in the industry and are considered best-in-class.

We monitor the status of your WordPress Core files, plugins, and your theme.  We automatically install these updates after first testing them on our own internal clone of your website.

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